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Run Rostam Run

Film identity

Original title: Bodo Rostam Bodo
English title: Run Rostam Run
Directed by: Hossein MOLAYEMI
Year of production: 2017
Running time: 11 min 36 s
Category: Short Animated Film
Techniques used: 2D Computer
Target public: Teens, Adults, Children, Family, Young adults


Rostam-the old persian national hero- should travel to the future and come to contemporary Tehran, in order to make up for what he has done to his own son. In Tehran, he doesn’t know whether to choose the legal or illegal way to reach his legitimate goal.


Directed by: Hossein MOLAYEMI
Distribution: BARFAK STUDIO
Based on: “The Shahnameh: the Book of Kings”, Abolqasem Ferdowsi
Script: Hossein Molayemi
Storyboard: Hossein Molayemi
Layout: Hossein Molayemi
Character Design: Hossein Molayemi
Backgrounds: Shirin Sohani
Animation: Azad Maroufi , Hossein Molayemi, Amir Saeed Alvandi
Character Painting: Neda Hashemian, Elham Almasi, Nairy Ayvazian, Elham Ahsani
Character Shading: Sepehr Momeni
Compositing: Shirin Sohani, Mehdi Zahmatkesh
Music: Danial Ostad Abdolhamid
Sound: Danial Ostad Abdolhamid, Ali Alidousti
Editing: Hossein Molayemi
Voice: Mohsen Irani, Reza Farzizad
Production Manager: Shirin Sohani