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Beetle The Little

Film identity

Original title: Soosk-e-koochak
English title: Beetle The Little
Directed by: Hossein MOLAYEMI
Year of production: 2010
Running time: 11 min 36 s
Category: Short Animated Film, Graduation Film
Techniques used: 2D Computer
Target public: Children ,Teens, Adults, Family, Young adults


A cute beetle is walking happily. Suddenly a big foot squashes it and …


Directed by: Hossein Molayemi
Distribution: BARFAK STUDIO
Script: Hossein Molayemi
Storyboard: Hossein Molayemi
Character Design: Hossein Molayemi
Backgrounds: Hossein Molayemi, Hassan Tavakkoli, Hamed Akrami
Lay out and Lay out Poses: Hossein Molayemi
Animation: Hamed Akrami, Hassan Tavakkoli,
Music: Amir Hossein Jalili
Sound: Nader Alimardani