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  • National Screenings:

    The 28th International Children Film Festival, Isfahan ,IRAN 3-6 October 2014, Award: Best Animation (Best Animator) The 31th Tehran International Film Festival, Tehran, IRAN 14-19 October 2014 The 4th International Parvin Etesami Film Festival, Tehran, IRAN 20-24 October 2014 The 44th ROSHD International Film Festival, Tehran, IRAN 14-21 November 2014, Award: 2 Honorary Diploma The 4th Khorshid Short Film Festival, Tehran, IRAN 13-15 January 2015, Award: Best Animation The 8th VARESH International Film Festival, Mazandaran , IRAN 19-22 January 2015, Award: Honorary Diploma The 9th Ruyesh Short Film Festival, Tehran, IRAN, 24-27 Feb 2015, Award: Best Script The 9th Tehran International animation Festival, Tehran, IRAN, 8-12 March 2015, Award: Best Director (Student Category) The 5th International Urban Film Festival, Tehran, IRAN, 24 May-2 June 2015

  • International Screenings:

    23rd Anima Mundi International Animation Festival, Rio de Janeiro/Sao paulo, Brazil, 10-22 July 2015 The 11st International Student Animation Festival,Rio de Janeiro, Brazil , 21-31 October 2014, Award: Best Environmental Animation Libelula International animation Festival, Barcelona, Spain 21-23 November 2014 Maryland International Kids Film Fest, India, 17 Jan 2015 Bay Area International Children's Film Festival, CA, USA January 2015 10th Athens International Animation Festival, Athens , Greece, 26 March - 1 April 2015 VAFI 6th International Children and Youth Animation Film Festival, Varaždin, Croatia 21-26 April 2015 Eastern Breeze International film festival, Toronto, Canada, 8-10 May 2015, Award: Best Animation CMS, International Children's Film Festival(ICFF), Lucknow, India 7-15 April 2015 1st Iranian Female Independent Filmmakers Festival (IFIF), Biel/Basel/Bern, Switzerland , 8-14 May 2015 CTLPDX International environmental Film Festival, Portland, USA, Award: Runner Up Imaginaria The World Festival of Animated Film, Italy, 31 July 2016 ZEBRA animation friendly festival, Slovenia, January 2018 5th Green Image Film Festival , Tokyo, Japan, March 2018 Festival du film d’animation de Savigny, Savigny, Switzerland, 30 June 2018 …
The Fan
The Fan
Directed by Shirin Sohani

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