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  • Film identity:

    Original title: Panke
    English title: The Fan
    Directed by: Shirin Sohani (Fatemeh)
    Year of production: 2014
    Running time: 6 min 53 s
    Category: Short Animated Film , Graduation Film
    Techniques used: 2D Computer + 3D
    Target public: Children ,Teens, Adults, Family, Young adults
  • Synopsis:

    The story about an old fan that scares of being recycled…
  • Credits:

    Directed by: Shirin Sohani
    Production: BARFAK STUDIO
    Distribution: BARFAK STUDIO
    Script: Shirin Sohani
    Storyboard: Shirin Sohani
    Character Design: Shirin Sohani
    Backgrounds: Shirin Sohani
    Modeling: Mehdi Nazari
    Texture: Shirin Sohani
    Layout and Rigging: Alireza Malmiri
    Animation: Lida Khosravani Pour
    Lighting & Rendering: Alireza Malmiri
    Compositing: Alireza Malmiri
    Editing: Hossein Molayemi
    Music: Danial Ostad Abdolhamid
    Sound: Danial Ostad Abdolhamid
    Special Thanks to: Amir Mohammad Dehestani
The Fan
The Fan
Directed by Shirin Sohani

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